Chairman & Yip

The Burbury Hotel, 1 Burbury Close, Barton

Fine-dining Cantonese

Boasting more than 20 years of service, Chairman & Yip has a reputation for being one of the top restaurants in the ACT, playing a key role in helping to make Canberra’s fine dining scene what it is today. The dining landscape of both Canberra and Australia have changed significantly since this humble Cantonese restaurant first opened its doors but, holding true to its commitment to quality and consistency, Chairman & Yip has remained a firm favourite among locals and visitors alike.

While it made a move from its original Civic location to The Burbury Hotel in 2016, Chairman & Yip has carried its signature style from one venue to the next, both on and off the plate. Classically clad in black with red accents, the restaurant holds true to its Chinese heritage with a vibe that combines the black bamboo forests of old China and the fast-paced glamour of 1930s Shanghai. The terrace has been covered and filled with tables and ferns, perfect for a balmy Canberra evening.

Chairman & Yip is still run by Head Chef, William (Wei Gor) Suen, and Managing Director, Josiah Li, just as it was when the restaurant first opened. William refined his now flawless Cantonese culinary skills in restaurants across Macau and Hong Kong, while Josiah has been the head of one of Canberra’s leading restaurant groups for more than 35 years, so it’s safe to say that the two of them know their stuff.

William’s menu holds a special place in the hearts of many Canberra locals. His classic Cantonese dishes have now become Chairman & Yip classics and diners have the option of dabbling in the tasting menu, filling up on the banquet or choosing their own adventure à la carte.

The menu follows the seasons, so each visit to Chairman & Yip will allow you to taste new things, but there are signature staples that shouldn’t be missed.

Try the Chairman & Yip Duck and Mushroom Pancakes, Beef and Scallop Pepper Hot Pot, Shantung Lamb Belly or Tang’s Dumplings filled with a classic prawn and pork combo.

When it comes to drinks, Chairman & Yip sticks to classic cocktails and allows the wine to be the star of the show. Drops hailing from the Canberra region take pride of place among a selection of reds, whites, rosés, sparklings and stickies from all over the world. The venue also boasts a whisky bar, serving a range of drops from around the world.

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