Four Pillars

2A Lilydale Road, Healesville

Australian gin distillery situated in the Yarra Valley

If someone asked you to name a great gin, it’s likely that Four Pillars would come to mind. Since it’s inception in 2013, the brand has been singlehandedly revolutionising the Australian spirits market one G&T at a time.

Owners, Cameron Mackenzie and Stuart Gregor, both wine industry veterans, were contemplating creating their own tonic water before deciding to make its better half, gin, instead. At the time, 90 per cent of gin consumed in Australia was imported, but that statistic has been rapidly turning around with the help of Four Pillar’s brand strategist, Matt Jones.

The distillery was named after the four principles behind creating excellent gin: a great still, great botanicals, quality water and a skilful distiller. Mastering this combination has helped Cameron, Stuart and Matt win medals around the world for their modern Australian spirits. The team uses traditional juniper, but also native Australian ingredients such as Tasmanian pepperberry and lemon myrtle.

Housed in an old timber yard in Healesville, the elegant distillery and bar are a must-visit on any trip to the Yarra Valley. Whether you opt to taste their range neat or order a cocktail – there’s no wrong way to enjoy one of the best gins in Australia.

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