Grounds of Alexandria

7A/2 Huntley Street, Alexandria

Restaurant, bar, cafe, bakery and patisserie, garden and animal farm

In the heart of Alexandria is an urban sanctuary full of verdant spaces and an abundance of hands-on experiences. Established in April 2012 by the entrepreneurial duo, Ramzey Choker and Jack Hanna, the Grounds of Alexandria is a rich and interactive space that is unique.

Ramzey has an extensive background in hospitality – in fact, he started his first business at 16 years old. After losing his father’s family business in the Global Financial Crisis and his father to cancer shortly after, Ramzey wanted to create a space that would both honour his father and be a valuable addition to the community. With Jack by his side, Ramzey has been successful in his endeavour. The Grounds of Alexandria is now a community hub that includes a cafe roastery, bar and restaurant, bakery and patisserie, garden and animal farm.

Each component of the Grounds has its own life, soul and energy reflective of a different story or treasured memory from Ramzey’s life. Inspired by the memory of Sundays spent with his family over breakfast, the cafe roastery is an engaging and inspiring space serving rustic and wholesome fare. Group Executive Chef, Paul McGrath, oversees the seasonal menu where each dish is carefully presented to highlight the beauty of every element. The cafe is also home to an artisan bakery, patisserie and a retail range of takeaway treats.

In The Garden, old and young can explore the abundance of heirloom vegetables, edible flowers and fresh fruit on offer. Find a spot under the shade of the spectacular arbour, woven with bougainvilleas and lit at night by the shimmer of fairy lights. Resident horticulturalist, Erin Martin, is on hand to share gardening tips and answer questions.

Pop over to the Soda Barn for a cool refreshment: the custom taps bring a retro element to the design and there’s a touch of the old-school milk bar vibe in the soda offerings. Continue your nostalgic journey with a burger at The BBQ, reminiscent of a summer family cook-up in the backyard. Ramzey’s own heritage comes into play at The Garden Pizza Silo, where a huge silo houses two Italian pizza ovens, which turn out an offering of unique dishes influenced by Ramzey’s father’s cooking.

While the Cafe Roastery and Garden are in full swing during the day, The Potting Shed comes alive as the sun goes down. Here, coffee is swapped for cocktails and people are encouraged to eat, drink, relax and chat the night away.

In addition to its on-site offerings, The Grounds hosts high teas, weekend markets and master classes in coffee, floristry and styling; a great opportunity for the creative minds to share their knowledge with the community.

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