Long Chim Perth

Basement, State Buildings, Cnr St Georges Terrace & Barrack Street, Perth

Fine Dining Thai Restaurant

The Perth edition of Long Chim was the first chapter of what is quite possibly one of Australia’s most talked about Thai dining institutions.

Long Chim is owned by two-Michelin-star chef, David Thompson. A man who needs little introduction, David is one of the most celebrated Australian chefs. Previously, he has been at the helm of an abundance of restaurants throughout Sydney, London, Bangkok and Singapore.

David’s love affair with Thai cuisine began many years ago and it has not wavered. Influenced by strictly traditional dishes, techniques and flavours, David’s menus do not bend to cater to Western tastes but rather hold true to classical Thai traditions. Unlike many 21st-century chefs, he is not preoccupied with modernist food but, more so, modern people.

Unlike his Bangkok star restaurant, Nahm, Long Chim’s menu is dedicated to Thai-style street food. And while Nahm is just as traditional as Long Chim, it is informed by books and recipes that have come from Thailand’s royal court kitchens. Long Chim became David’s opportunity to step outside this refined structure and replicate his favourite dishes from Bangkok’s famous street food scene.

His menu is accessible and easily transportable (it has come all the way from Thailand after all). The name Long Chim means to come and taste, so with that in mind, it has been crafted as a shared experience that does not stop at one dish but encompasses many.

This street-food style lends itself perfectly to modern dining and diners. It is affordable and unpretentious. Most importantly though, it does not make any concessions for the western palate. The chilli is hot, the shrimp paste is aplenty, and the dishes are light on sugar.

In Perth, David’s menu is split into eight sections, depending on the dish. It is key to get a taste from every aspect, so make sure you come hungry or, at least, with a few friends in tow. There are salads, starters, curries, stir fries, soups rice and of course noodles. Favourites were established early on and Perth locals seem to keep flocking back for the Chiang Mai Larp of Chicken and the Green Curry of Roast Duck.

No feast is complete without a few drinks and an evening at Long Chim is no exception. Bar Manager, James Connolly, oversees a menu of refreshing cocktails that hero Thai flavours and can easily cool any palate that may be struggling with the spice.

Housed in the basement of the State Buildings, Long Chim, along with Petition, Post and Wildflower, has helped to establish this historical building as Perth’s number one CBD-dining precinct, and you’ll find the whole building buzzing every night of the week. The enormous dining room and courtyard are covered with artwork that was born on the street, just like the food, created by some of Thailand’s most talked about graffiti artists.

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