Momofuku Seiobo

80 Pyrmont Street, Level G, Pyrmont

Asian fusion style food

It was a master stroke of genius when the Executive Chef and founder of Momofuku fame decided to open an outpost downunder. This was to be the first of a group of restaurants David Chang would roll out, outside the US, and it is possibly one of the more curious.

The original Momofuku Noodle Bar was credited with the rise of Asian-American cuisine by the New York Times and named the most important restaurant in America by Bon Appetit. However, David decided not to set a particular stamp of any of his international venues, allowing them to invent, reinvent and recreate, depending on the available local produce and the creativity of the Head Chef.

When Momofuku Seioba opened, it followed general Asian fusion styles of cooking under the masterful eye of Head Chef, Ben Greeno. But when Paul Carmichael arrived to take the reins, the venue took on a whole new iteration. Paul grew up and started his first hospitality gig in Barbados and he went on to work in fine dining restaurants across the world.

Moving away from its Asian roots, Paul decided to bring home-style cuisine to the Australian kitchen and he introduced Caribbean cuisine. It says a lot when a brand such as Momofuku allows a chef the creativity to tell his own story through the menu rather than follow any set formulas. And that is what Paul is doing, taking guests on a journey of traditional and not-so-traditional Caribbean cuisine.

The tasting menu is the way to go here, and it offers 10-courses of delightful regional dishes that represent the true essence of his native culture. The menu is constantly changing but the theme is consistent. Paul’s childhood memories of growing up near the beach are never far away. The seafood offerings are unique in their taste and execution.

You may also find the national dish of Barbados, Cou Cou, on the menu. This pudding’s base is polenta and okra and has been eaten for generations in Barbados and other Caribbean islands due to its low cost. But Paul takes it up a notch by adding some caviar and a creamy sweetcorn sauce, and making it a delight to come back for, time and time again.

Be blending home-style dishes with local Australian cuisine, Paul has marked his mark in the global market with his unique style. In Australia, he has introduced a nation to cuisine from the other side of the world, through uncharted waters to everyone’s delight.

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