Ormeggio at the spit

D’Albora Marina, The Spit-Spit Road, Mosman

Contemporary Italian cuisine in a spectacular waterside setting

The Italian word Ormeggio translates to berthing or mooring – and is a fitting name for this Mosman restaurant. You’ll find Ormeggio at the end of the D’Albora Marina, lined with boats floating in and out of the berth as you watch from your seaside table with a glass of wine in hand.

While Ormeggio’s world-class location showcases Sydney’s beauty, its menu champions Italian roots. Executive Chef, Alessandro Pavoni and Head Chef, Victor Moya took on their reverence for traditional Italian flavours in their menu and added a creative contemporary flair when it comes to cooking techniques. Alessandro’s passion for food began in northern Italy and he has since worked in kitchens across Europe before making his dream of owning a restaurant a reality in 2009 in Sydney. Victor brings a Spanish influence to the table thanks to his upbringing in Valencia. Armed with an abundanceofknowledgeofEuropeancooking, he set out as the sous chef at Ormeggio before becoming Head Chef in 2013.

Alessandro and Victor’s menu is inspired by the Italian motherland, and each course on their ‘trip through Italy’ menu is arranged according to an Italian region. Each area inspires either the entire dish or a traditional ingredient. Start the journey at Emilia- Romagna with a Parmigiano-Reggiano Chip and work your way through a main course of Murray Cod with roasted capsicum and marjoram from Puglia, and then on to Tiramisu from Veneto. Alternatively, order from the Ormeggio Signature menu made up of a compilation of Alessandro and Victor’s most popular dishes from over the years.

Each option, whether it be a 5 or 7-course, comes paired with drops from Ormeggio’s extensive wine list. The restaurant’s Sommelier is Luke Collard, who takes into account both local and international vintages that pair beautifully with the rich Italian flavours. The 29-page list has attracted many an accolade – being awarded ‘three glasses’ in the Gourmet Traveller Australian Wine List of the Year Awards every year since 2013. If choosing just one is a little overwhelming, fear not – a trained sommelier will be close by during lunch and dinner service to help you pair your meal with the perfect wine and share the stories behind each bottle.

The wheels of Ormeggio at The Spit are turned by the passionate staff who keep this hatted restaurant’s top-tier reputation well and truly alive. Leaving no question unanswered, whether it be about food, wine or the locale, professionalism and passion are never far from the minds of Ormeggio’s front of house and kitchen team.

If the food isn’t reason enough to pay Ormeggio a visit, the views need no convincing. Gaze out of the floor to ceiling windows as the sun goes down and watch harbour-facing houses dot the skyline with lights as day turns to night. Just a stone’s throw from the CBD, you’d be hard-pressed finding a more tranquil escape.

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