Spirit House

20 Ninderry Road,Yandina

Fine-Dining Asian food set in a candle-lit rainforest

Take a step into the grounds of the Spirit House is like taking a step into a tranquil Bali or Thai resort. The setting is nothing short of magical: a serene pond surrounded by a temple-style main building and dining courtyards, set amongst a verdant tropical landscape dotted with Thai sculptures. At night, the Spirit House becomes a wonderland with hundreds of fairy lights, candles and bamboo flares reflected in the pond against a backdrop of fountains and temple bells.

The Spirit House is a unique mecca for lovers of Asian culture and food, thanks to a talented kitchen team led by Head Chef, Tom Swapp. Having trained with world-renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Cheong Liew, Tom has more than a solid foundation and a reputation for excellence.

Inspired by Bangkok’s renegade young Thai and Western chefs who are mixing tradition with bold new techniques to create the next wave of Thai food, Tom and his team have lifted the restaurant’s menu to new levels. Mix these talented chefs with a bounty of fresh, fragrant Asian produce grown on surrounding farms and you can appreciate that the Spirit House is more than just a pretty face.

Dining at the Spirit House is designed as a sharing experience. Not only does the romantic setting beg for an intimate dinner, the large garden courtyards provide various settings for group bookings.

Start your meal by snacking on Betel Leaves filled with fresh seafood and pops of zingy sauces, or Barbecued Pork Ribs served with charred pineapple salad, sriricha and fried garlic.When it comes to mains you cannot miss the Green Curry of Duck or the Whole Crispy Fish, smothered in the Spirit House’s amazing chilli tamarind sauce.

In the way of drinks, the Spirit House is known for its delicious cocktails, with many taking a Thai twist on a well-loved classic, such as the Lemongrass and Ginger Mojito or the Spicy Margarita. Additionally, their wine list boasts a wide selection of both local Australian and well-known international drops hailing from both old and new world regions.

This small, hidden slice of the Sunshine Coast is also home to a ‘hands-on’ cooking school offering daily classes that demystify Asian ingredients and culinary techniques. A popular destination for even the most skilled home cooks, these classes are followed by a long-table lunch with wine, so you can enjoy first-hand the fruits of your labour.

Having won a plethora of both dining and tourism awards since its inception in 1995, this restaurant is widely recognised as one of the Sunshine Coast’s finest destination dining experiences. Based on the owners’ philosophy of ‘get better, not bigger’, the Spirit House continues to evolve. Food, like life, is a shared journey to enjoy, and where better to do so than in this oasis of a restaurant.

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