Timbre Kitchen

Velo Wines, 755 West Tamar Highway, Legana

Winery Restaurant

The term ‘timbre’ is generally used to describe the distinctive quality or character of someone or something. The fun and welcoming Timbre Kitchen takes inspiration from this concept, aiming to be a distinctive experience within Tasmania’s diverse culinary scene.

Timbre Kitchen (pronounced ‘tambar’) operates on the Velo Wines property in the Tamar Valley region. Owned and run by Tasmanian-born couple, Matt Adams and Shannon Bushby, the restaurant was envisioned as a fun, relaxed place for any occasion – be it a quick glass of wine or a long boozy lunch.

The pair, who live nearby, have built a culinary community around their patch of paradise, serving honest food and wines for not only their loyal clientele, but visitors too. This intimate, no-fuss approach creates a chilled atmosphere for guests to kick back and relax with a glass of wine in hand and selection of dishes designed to share.

Matt takes the reins as Head Chef, having honed his skills in a number of local establishments including Josef Chromy Wines before opening Timbre. Here, he creates a constantly changing menu that takes its cues from the season and the availability of fresh produce.

In fact, much of Matt’s menu is made up of produce that is grown by the regular members of the community. In order to be as sustainable as possible, he put out a call to locals with gardens that had excess produce, offering to barter for their goods.

The process has become incredibly successful as it provides the kitchen with fantastic fresh produce that inspires the chef’s dishes, as well as a connection with the local community and their gardens.

The bulk of the menu is structured around the wood-fired oven, producing delicious smoky flavours that are complemented by the cold-climate wines from Velo winery. The dishes are also designed to share, emphasising the communal, family-oriented mandate of the restaurant. It goes without saying that the banquet feast option is immensely popular, offering a taste of Matt’s best work without any of the decision making.

While Velo’s wines make up the majority of Timbre’s wine list, Shannon has also sourced a range of other boutique Australian and international bottles, meaning no matter what you’re eating or celebrating, there’s a drop to match.

Come Friday and Saturday nights, Timbre Kitchen also hosts a special Tea Time menu, named for the locals’ label for dinnertime. Matt and Shannon welcome one and all to enjoy a two-course shared table meal, with a weekly changing menu based on incoming produce from the local community.

With its relaxed and casual vibe, Timbre Kitchen is an ideal place to take in the scenery and enjoy exceptional food and wine, surrounded by what are sure to be your newest friends. After all, at Timbre, every guest is welcomed like family.

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