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A beautiful dining experience on a cruise through the Kimberley's

There are few Australian settings that are more iconic than the rugged and beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia. Thousands of square kilometres of rough, untouched Australian wilderness are dotted with waterfalls and those steep orange cliffs that seem to exist only in magazines – a million different adventures await.

Attracting visitors from all over the world, the Kimberley is a destination that sits close to the top of many bucket lists. You will find there is no better way to experience the breathtaking beauty than by boat, navigating the plethora of river systems that weave their way through the gorges, iconic cliffs and the spectacular waterfalls of the area.

True North Adventure Cruises’ fleet of purpose-built vessels can take you where other ships simply cannot go. Delve deeper into the history, landscape and tranquillity of this breathtaking corner of Australia on the cruise of a lifetime. This intimate experience is enhanced with the opportunity to taste the region and its wealth of locally sourced ingredients. This adventure company prides itself on its philosophy of sustainable, organic and local cuisine.

Every dining experience onboard is unique to every cruise. For example, those who choose a cruise that ventures down the Mitchell River or to Rocky Cove and Wade Creek will, of course, taste the barramundi, fingermark bream, mangrove jack and thread fin salmon that these areas are famously renowned for.

Guests can also indulge in a True North style produce-to-platter experience, where the sea, rivers and creeks of northern Western Australia are treated as your own aquarium. Sample natural oysters, fresh from the sea, washed down perfectly with champagne while you gaze over the glittering ocean. Not many cruises allow you to interact with your chef, let alone gather ingredients by their side. On this adventure of a lifetime, you can spend the day fishing for famous Kimberley mud crab, barramundi or mackerel and enjoy it later, expertly prepared by your onboard chef.

The True North style of eating lets the fish do the talking. Seafood from the Kimberley area is some of the world’s best so there is no need to drown out its natural sweetness with rich sauces or a million more ingredients, therefore flavours are matched in a way that accentuate the natural flavours of your catch. Stunning meals are created every evening with dishes such as Mud-Crab Baked on Red Gum Coals or Seared Barramundi and are often enjoyed on the beach or deck at sunset.

True North chefs are eager to share their knowledge and those who join them in the galley will often taste some of the very best food that the local region has to offer and then learn the best ways to prepare, cook and enjoy it.

Great food is best enjoyed in a beautiful setting and True North Adventure Cruises provide guests with just that. The Kimberley is a region that will leave you awestruck at every turn and there really is no better way to see it than up close and personal, adding all the delights of the local produce.

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