Wasabi Restaurant & Bar

2 Quamby Place, Noosa Heads

Refined Japanese cuisine with creative farm-to-table menus with water views

Overhanging the picturesque Noosa River, Wasabi Restaurant and Bar is a contemporary eatery that brings age-old traditions of Japanese cookery to life. From foraging ingredients to preparing and serving, every detail of the dining experience at Wasabi is committed to the customs of Japanese cooking and using the freshest ingredients from the bounty of natural stores in its beautiful Noosa locale.

Wasabi is just one of the initiatives under the Wasabi group umbrella, fronted by restaurateur, Danielle Gjestland, and Executive Chef, Zeb Gilbert. As well as Wasabi, Danielle and Zeb oversee The Cooking School Noosa, Ibento Boutique Event Space and Honeysuckle Hill Farm.

Many of the ingredients are grown at Honeysuckle Hill, the nearby farm that is committed to the most natural farming practices possible.

Here you’ll find traditional Japanese vegetables and fruits like Shishigatani Pumpkins, Kyuri Oriental Cucumbers, Hinoa Kabu Purple Top Turnips and Momo Peaches. Coming full circle, peelings and offcuts from the kitchen are used to compost the vegetables using the Japanese Bokashi method, growth to harvest, and cooking is authentic from start to finish.

What’s in season on Honeysuckle Farm directs Zeb’s culinary discretion when crafting the ever-evolving menu. The Oshinagaki menu is where you find the à la carte dishes of which you choose four to make up your meal. As the Wasabi kitchen looks to the seasons for inspiration, the menu and dishes are constantly changing. However, you can always expect the freshest, highest quality ingredients to shine through in every dish. Feast on the very best of the menu and allow the experts to select for you, thanks to the Omakase menu. This will present you with an innovative and often unexpected array of dishes allowing you to sample the kitchen’s most popular choices.

To drink, you can’t go past Japanese whisky. The beverage list’s extensive offering of predominantly Japanese whiskies comes complete with a history of each drink, as well as tasting notes for each bottle. Japanese inspired cocktails are mixed with top-shelf spirits and of course, Honeysuckle Hill produce. The Bloody Ayumi combines Honeysuckle Hill’s heirloom tomatoes with seri leaf shochu tomato juice, shiso leaf, lime and shichimi for an Asian take on the classic Bloody Mary; while the Momoiro puts a fresh spin on a negroni, with Applewood Red Økar, dry vermouth and Hakkaisan Tokebetsu sake.

The devil is in the detail at Wasabi, as each seemingly effortless element of the food and design ties in with the theme of Japanese authenticity. Artwork by Sophia Louise Conley was commissioned to represent the five Japanese natural elements of earth, fire, air, water and void. The works decorate the sunlit space that overlooks the river, creating the perfect juncture between Japanese tradition and beautiful Australian surroundings.

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